eliza_bacot_essential_oilsIf you are looking for more information about essential oils, you are at the right place. The right essential oils can have enormous impact on your health and overall wellbeing. My medical background, love of science, extensive research and personal use led me to gaining a deep knowledge and understanding of how essential oils work, and specifically, to using doTERRA’s essential oils exclusively.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds in seeds, stems, flowers, and other parts of plants. They are what make one plant smell different from another — a rose from lavender, for example. Human beings have used the healing and medicinal powers of essential oils for thousands of years to treat everything from stress to sleep issues to the common cold. These oils can bolster our immune systems, ward off unwanted microbes in the air, and even help support our bodies through major illnesses and chronic conditions. They can also be used as alternative skincare products to keep the skin vibrant and clear and as non-toxic household cleaning solutions.

But even with all these uses, not to mention the variety of essential oils available today, many people find the concept of them a little daunting. How do I use them? Which ones do I start with? I was skeptical when I was first introduced to essential oils. How could something treat my problems and be 100% natural at the same time? And how on earth was I supposed to learn how each oil worked, either on its own or blended with others?

What to Know Before You Buy

applying_essential_oilsIf you’re just starting out with essential oils, it’s best to have a guide — a professional who understands both the science behind essential oils and how to pair which oils with your health needs. Essential oils are not all created equally. They aren’t something you just grab off the grocery store shelf and start using.

There are three different delivery routes for essential oils: aromatic, as a topical solution, or as a dietary supplement you ingest. For the latter two, it’s best to consult with an expert before taking, so you can get a better understanding of the best delivery method for each oil and also get some general safety pointers.

Together, we determine how you should use oils and whether you need a single oil or a proprietary blend after a brief consultation. Then we’ll get you started with an introductory kit that will kickstart your learning of how to use your essential oils.

Working with me gives you access to my expertise and support. I can educate you on essential oils options that support your specific health needs and body makeup. doTERRA harvests their oils from around the world, sourcing oils from areas that best support the thriving plants used for each oil. They also do extensive testing to ensure purity and effectiveness which is one of their main missions: To provide the purest oils in the world while impacting the communities that harvest them the most. Learn more about co-impact sourcing here.

Contact me here to start the consultation process.

Joining My Community

eliza_with_essential_oilsThe most important thing when starting your essential oil journey is having a guide. A individual who understands what works and how to help empower you to solve problems with them and use them safely. Why should you work with me? I am a licensed nurse practitioner with an extensive understanding of the physiology of the body. I combine my previous experience in healthcare with years of study on essential oils and the experiential evidence I have seen when they work for my clients.

Ready to use essential oils for your health and the health of your family? If you would also like me to be your educator and guide to get support about using them safely and strategically, signing up through me means you have access to my Certified Essential Oil Coaching at no additional charge!

We begin by creating a wholesale account for you so you can save on your essential oil purchases.

When you enroll in doTERRA’s membership program through me, you receive wholesale savings, an invitation to my amazing community, education and other materials that will increase your knowledge of essential oils. Our community is a unique opportunity to learn and work with a team of other passionate women who are excited to explore and integrate healthier choices into their lives and their families’ lives.