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When I was introduced to essential oils I was skeptical. Could they really solve my problems and be natural at the same time? I had so many “experiments” on my essential oil journey to test their power. I found time after time they worked. And slowly I realized my family I were healthier and didn’t need a typical approach to solve our problems. I soon found they represented a natural alternative for common ailments, non-toxic cleaning, skin care and emotional support. Then I took a deeper dive and began to research further and create specific protocols based in evidence for my client’s most common problems. And they worked.

The most important thing when starting your essential oil journey is having a guide. A individual who understands what works and how to help empower you to solve problems with them and use them safely. Why should you work with me?  I am a licensed nurse practitioner with an extensive understanding of the physiology of the body. I combine my previous experience in healthcare with years of study on essential oils and the experiential evidence I have seen when they work for my clients.

Are you ready to see what they can do for you?