Summer Cabbage Crunch

July 15, 2017Eating Organic

Do you ever make something in your kitchen and it tastes…well…meh. But then you go to someone else’s home and they make the same things with varying twists and you LOVE it. I was completely inspired last night at a casual dinner at the home of Patrick and Meghan of Mister and Mrs. Sharp. The … Read More

My Favorite Summer Salad

July 10, 2017Eating Organic, Healthy Food, Healthy Living

Sometimes I love a summer salad that has no lettuce. Lettuce with the heat and humidity sometimes wilts so quickly! This has always been my favorite summer salad…it’s refreshing and incredibly nutritious. It pairs wonderfully with quinoa or rice and actually sometimes I mix it into quinoa and make it a meal!! The parsley in … Read More

A Healthy Resolution

January 3, 2017Goals, Home Detox

A Resolution. “A firm decision to do or not do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.”  Why do we embark at the beginning of each year to set resolutions? And why do the majority of us fail to achieve or complete them? I haven’t been much of a resolution … Read More