Do you ever make something in your kitchen and it tastes…well…meh. But then you go to someone else’s home and they make the same things with varying twists and you LOVE it. I was completely inspired last night at a casual dinner at the home of Patrick and Meghan of Mister and Mrs. Sharp. The fact that they are incredible designers and dining in their home feels like you are in a five star hotel (for real, it’s incredible) probably helps. But still, Meghan made an incredibly fresh salad with a base of organic green cabbage from Serenbe Farms.

So, today I was inspired to re-create a slaw or cabbage salad and it was so delicious! Sometimes during these hot, southern Georgia days all I can stomach mid-day is a fresh, crisp salad. When things are in season and you get them weekly in your farm share you really have to get creative on new recipes. But the best thing is…it nourishes my body and continually helps me crave healthy, whole food.

This recipe was born how most of mine are…I just start throwing a bunch of things I think will taste good into a bowl and mix! Enjoy!


1 head organic purple cabbage
1 head organic green cabbage
1 medium organic white onion
3 medium organic green peppers

Cut cabbage roughly after washing and pulse in a food processor to desired size. Chop onion and peppers and mix in to cabbage mixture

Eliza’s Thrown Together Sauce

In the same food processor add about ~

1/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar with the mother
1/4 cup organic coconut aminos
1/4 cup extra virgin organic olive oil(buy bottles with a harvest date)
1/2 cup organic cashew milk (or nut milk you have on hand)
3 squirts yellow organic mustard
3 squirts local honey
1-2 cloves organic garlic
Salt to desired taste

Put all ingredients in same food processor and blend for a couple minutes. Then pour into slaw mixture and stir. Keep refrigerated.


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