A Season for Stew

January 22, 2019Eating Organic, Healthy Food, Healthy Living, Local Farms

Many of you are thinking well it’s winter therefore it’s the season for stew but there is another reason for this stew recipe. After recently going through a phase where I needed major gut healing (don’t worry the story about that is coming soon) I started researching hearty and wholesome stews I could make that … Read More

My Favorite Summer Salad

July 10, 2017Eating Organic, Healthy Food, Healthy Living

Sometimes I love a summer salad that has no lettuce. Lettuce with the heat and humidity sometimes wilts so quickly! This has always been my favorite summer salad…it’s refreshing and incredibly nutritious. It pairs wonderfully with quinoa or rice and actually sometimes I mix it into quinoa and make it a meal!! The parsley in … Read More

Boost Your Health This Fall!

November 3, 2016Healthy Living

Here are three easy ways to boost your health this fall! These everyday things are items that I too used to have in my home that I realized could harm me or my family. Simply cutting these three things can boost your help this fall and beyond! And don’t worry… anything I suggest you cut, … Read More