When we chose to move to a wellness community almost three years ago we never envisioned how dramatically our lives would change. We lived in a great neighborhood in a sought after part of the city in Atlanta. We were surrounded by parks, great restaurants, close to our work…totally ideal right? Yet, something was missing. When we first happened upon Serenbe my initial intention was to discover a community supported agriculture that was certified organic and well run. That visit was actually supposed to provide the first content for The Organic South…throw in a having a couple of kids and the project sat a bit dormant.

Fast forward three years and we are surrounded by a life filled with activity, culture, friends, clean food, forward thinking, progressive ideas, outdoors galore and well I could go on but let’s just say it has changed our lives completely. We thought we were well and healthy in the city…but really now I see we had no clue what that really meant.

Naturally, when I was asked to provide my perspective to Keira Carter, writing an article for Marie Claire, I was thrilled. But how do you explain this place to people who have never been here and don’t quite get the concept. We had lovely phone conversations and many emails back and forth…at one point I said “just come visit… you can stay with us and we will show you everything!”

I think she really captured the essence of what Serenbe is to us… more than a neighborhood. It’s a place where spontaneous connections happen because of well thought out architecture, a place where we can constantly connect with nature, a place where the arts are brought to us, a place where life is NOT perfect but it is beautifully messy and your neighbors are willing share in your wins and losses.

Really it’s more about connection than anything… I thought I came for the organic farm but what I ended up with was a perspective on wellness I did not even consider. That wellness steeped in meaningful relationships and valuable insight from others might just be the thing that actually adds years to my life… that along with all the farm fresh food 😉

So if you have a chance…read the article…share it… and you never know… you may just consider making the leap to a well intentioned community like ours and discover a healthier you!

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